At Koffee Kult, we roast our fresh coffee beans to order. That is because we want you to brew the freshest and tastiest coffee. There are tons of roasting levels to choose from for coffee that ranges from mild to robust. The coffee roast spectrum now includes blonde, light, medium, medium-dark, and dark. Some roasters get a bit more specific, referring to their roasts as light, city, half-city, medium (American), full city (Vienna), dark (Italian), and very dark (French). With so many different names, selecting fresh coffee beans can be a bit confusing. But, not to worry, Koffee Kult is here to make the ins and outs of coffee bean roast varieties clear.



Light or blonde roasts preserve much of the original coffee flavor and have the most caffeine. This coffee can taste of toasted grain or grass with a sharp acidity. City and half-city roasts, too, retain much of their complex flavors. This cup is bright and acidic with fruity notes of citrus, grape, plum, or cranberry. Medium roast coffee tastes just like it sounds – it is smooth with flavors that find a middle ground somewhere between fruity, nutty, spicy, and sweet. This is the coffee that is most commonly consumed in the United States.


Beyond this point, coffee flavor edges into some complexity and even controversy. The dark roast coffee bean is rich and dark in color with an oily sheen, and it produces the most robust cup of coffee. Despite the name, Viennese, Italian, and French roast coffee beans are not sourced in Europe; instead, these beans can come from Columbia, Costa Rica, Sumatra, or anywhere. These names just describe the countries and cities where that particular coffee roast is popular. This is the coffee that you will find in the finest European cafés.


The coffee of these cafés is often served in small white bistro cups. But there is nothing tiny about the taste of this coffee. The flavor is bold, strong and often characterized as smoky with earthy or charcoal undertones. Some prefer this type of coffee, while others consider it to be over roasted and insist that the nuances of coffee flavor have essentially been ‘cooked’ out of the bean.


It is true that this type of coffee bean is roasted for much longer and at higher temperatures. Yes, dark roast coffee is strong, but it can be totally delicious. A skilled coffee roaster can bring out the deep complex flavors of a dark roast coffee bean. We’re talking toasty notes of bittersweet, dark chocolate with a peppery finish. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?


Well, delicious is what we do here at Koffee Kult. And our roast master is an expert at every roast. With careful attention given to precise roasting temperatures, bean aroma, and appearance, every coffee bean roast produced will brew the most delicious coffee. From blonde to dark, Koffee Kult is where to find your favorite fresh coffee beans. So, head on over to to find a high quality bag of fresh roasted coffee you’ll love!